Donuts & Discovery Walking Tour

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Walking Tour
Distance / Duration
2.5 hours
Challenge Factor
Starting At
King George Square, Brisbane
Finishing At
King George Square, Brisbane
Minimum Guests

Get ready to kick off an awesome adventure around Brisbane with our Donuts & Discovery Walking Tour! Picture this: you, us, and a bunch of other fun seekers starting off at the amazing King George Square. It’s not just any day out; it’s a day packed with laughs, exploring cool spots, and munching on some seriously yummy treats.

First up, we’ll swing by the iconic Windmill, where you’ll get the lowdown on Brisbane’s rich history, served up with a side of fascinating stories that’ll make the old walls seem like they're chatting right back at us.

But wait, there’s more! Brisbane’s got a quirky side too, and we’re all about diving into it. Think hidden laneways bursting with eye-popping street art, oddball sculptures, and installations that’ll make you go “huh?” and “wow!” in the same breath. Our guide’s got the inside scoop on all these artistic wonders, and they’re ready to spill the beans.

Halfway through, when our stomachs start rumbling, we’ll hit pause for a bit. It’s snack time – and not just any snacks. We’re talking divine donuts and the kind of coffee that makes you understand what all the fuss is about. It’s a chance to chill, chat, and chow down with your new tour pals.

Throughout our stroll, our guide will keep the good times rolling with tales, tidbits, and trivia that’ll bring Brisbane’s story to life in the most entertaining way possible. It’s a mix of sightseeing, storytelling, and snacking that’s bound to be the highlight of your Brisbane visit.

So, what do you say? Ready to wander, wonder, and wolf down some wickedly good donuts? Join the Donuts & Discovery Walking Tour and let Brisbane’s charm completely captivate you. We promise an adventure filled with surprises, secret finds, and sensational flavors. Book your spot now, and let’s make some memories in this incredible city together!


• Discover Brisbane’s Hidden Gems: Uncover Brisbane's quirky side as you explore its hidden laneways filled with vibrant street art, unusual sculptures, and fascinating installations. Each twist and turn of the tour reveals a new surprise, making you feel like a true urban explorer discovering the city's secret stories and artistic treasures.

• The Windmill’s Whispers: Step back in time at the iconic Windill, where Brisbane’s rich history comes to life. Listen to captivating tales of the past, from early settlers to the transformation of this bustling city, all told by our engaging guide. It’s not just a history lesson; it’s a time-travel adventure that paints a vivid picture of Brisbane's evolution.

• Donuts & Delights Break: Mid-tour, we take a delicious detour to indulge in Brisbane’s best donuts and coffee. This delightful break is more than just a snack; it’s a moment to savor the city’s culinary delights, mingle with fellow adventurers, and enjoy the local vibe. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and indulgence that adds a sweet note to your discovery journey.


• A knowledgeable and experienced tour guide to lead the way
• All photos taken during the tour
• A mid-tour coffee (or alternative) at one of our favourite Brisbane cafes
• We'll stop for a donut at one of our favourite places

What To Bring

• Please wear suitable clothing for this type of activity, including appropriate footwear.
• We recommend bringing a water bottle and refilling it at the water taps along the way.
• In summer, we recommend wearing a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
• There is no storage available for bags during the tour, so please plan accordingly.


Fit City Tours is committed to providing a high-quality, enjoyable tour experience for all of our participants. If you have any specific accessibility needs, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and ensure that you are able to fully participate in the tour. In order to prepare and plan appropriately, we recommend contacting us in advance of your tour to discuss your specific requirements.

Starting Point & Map

This tour starts at King George Square at the Adelaide Street end. There are nearby buses on Adelaide & Ann Streets, and trains at Brisbane Central Station.

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