7 Of Melbourne's Most Beautiful Street Art Gems

October 20, 2022
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Are you a fan of street art? If so, you've come to the right city. Melbourne is famous for its colorful walls, with street art found on every corner of the city and suburbs. There are, however, a few places that are particularly well known for their urban art offerings—many of which are within easy walking distance in the CBD.

We've rounded up the top hotspots that any self-respecting Instagrammer should be snapping when it comes to Melbourne street art.

So if you're looking for an instagrammable way to spend your next day off, look no further than these five spots:

  • Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is an art haven for street artists who have left their mark on almost anything with a surface. The cobblestone street is opposite Federation Square and joins Flinders Lane with Flinders Street, making it the central point of the city's street art scene. Spend a while checking out every little corner of this overflowing art cluster—sometimes it's the smaller, easily-overlooked pieces that really astound.

  • Centre Place

Find Centre Place between Collins Street and Flinder Lane and feast your eyes on some of Melbourne's most high-profile and elaborate stencil work and graffiti art.

This is a great place to stop for a break from the city hustle, with plenty of seating and tables to enjoy your food or coffee while taking in the art.

  • AC/DC Lane

AC/ DC Lane, named after the Australian rock band, is a small but lively street in Melbourne. Running off Flinders Lane, AC/DC Lane was named back in 2004 to pay tribute to the Australian rock band. As you might expect, the street art features all kinds of musicians – both real and imagined.

The lane was formerly home to the legendary live music venue Cherry Bar before it moved, but still houses Peruvian restaurant Pastuso.

  • Keith Haring's Melbourne Mural

Melbourne, Australia is home to a mural by the late but legendary New York artist Keith Haring. The mural is located at Collingwood Arts Precinct and was originally created in 1984. It had a significant restoration back in 2013, and again in 2017.

The mural is one of only 31 known Haring murals that still remain intact in the world and one of only three that haven't seen revisions or repainting. It's also a fine example of his work, and was part of Melbourne's public art collection for over 30 years before being removed from its original location and taken down for restoration.

After it was restored, it was unveiled as part of Collingwood Arts Precinct.

  • Caledonian Lane

Caledonian Lane is one of those super-small Melbourne laneways, but it also has a big history: this was the birthplace of the now international festival, St Jerome's Laneway. The laneway, which is just off Lonsdale Street and hiding behind Swanston, has changed significantly since then, but there's still plenty of art to feast your eyes on.

This is an artist's haven—there are more than 20 studios in the lane, as well as cafes and restaurants that stay open late. It's a great place to spend a summer evening watching street performers and listening to music while you sip some wine.

  • Aretha Brown Fitzroy mural

Aretha Brown is a Gumbaynggirr artist and activist. She's just finished painting a mural on Fitzroy's Converse Store, and it's breathtaking.

But this mural isn't just beautiful; it also uses a special type of paint that removes carbon from the atmosphere.

  • Croft Alley

Right in the centre of Chinatown, you'll find Croft Alley. The street art-filled alley winds off Little Bourke Street and ends at one of Melbourne's favourite laneway bars, Croft Institute.

At the end of the alley, past the ever-changing murals, you'll find a hidden gem. Croft Institute is a small but lively bar that serves up delicious cocktails and some of the best tapas in town.

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