Sydney's Sweetest Spots for Dessert Lovers

Elaine Gabales
December 22, 2022
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Looking for the best desserts and cakes in Sydney? Look no further than KOI Dessert Bar! The innovative desserts are made with the finest ingredients and methods, and will surely delight your senses. Dine and choose from the Dinner Menu which is 4 course Just Desserts Menu. For those with a sweet tooth, they also offer a Tasting Menu per person, a "Just Desserts" menu of 5 desserts, and a variety of cakes at their "cake shop." Reservations are recommended for the set dinners and set dessert menus, which are available in the evenings. Some of the signature treats include the Black Sesame Strawberry Pillow Mango Yuzu Tricolor and Little Garden, but they also offer a variety of rotating flavors in our tarts, cakes, and dessert jars. During cooler weather, customers can enjoy their desserts in the open-air courtyard on the ground floor. At KOI Dessert Bar, they strive to create a menu that is exciting, creative, and, most importantly, delicious.


Looking for delicious gelato with a trendy twist? Look no further than the celebrated shop, where they serve more than 40 creative flavors, as well as thick shakes. All of the gelatos are made from scratch using their own unique recipes and the finest ingredients. Each flavor has its own special recipe, and they never use pre-made bases. In fact, they even produce, bake, and create from their own ingredients, like cookies, brownies, coulis, jams, and meringues, at our in-house bakery in Rosebery, Sydney. Come and indulge in their handcrafted gelato today!

Explore also their 40-flavor cabinet at any of our locations, featuring 35 classic flavors and 5 rotating weekly specials. In addition to their delicious gelato, they also offer a selection of unique gelato cakes for purchase. They pride themselves on using only the finest, natural ingredients to create the gelato, and the cakes are no exception. Whether weird or wonderful, the goal is to put a smile on their customers' faces with every bite.

  • The Last Course Sydney

The Last Course in Sydney serves a variety of homemade desserts, including classic and modern options like passionfruit cheesecake, apple crumble, sticky date pudding, and panna cotta. They also offer tapas sharing plates and main courses. Wine lovers will appreciate the selection of desserts, which also include brownies, deconstructed cheesecake, and sticky toffee pudding. The restaurant is known for its delicious hot chocolate drink as well.

TLC Sydney offers vegan and gluten-free options in addition to an assortment of wine, liqueurs, cocktails, mocktails, coffee, and sundaes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is lively and vibrant, with a colorful mural on the wall and R&B music playing in the background. There is a wide selection of desserts to choose from to suit all tastes.


La Renaissance, founded in 1974, is a well-known French café in Australia known for its croissants, brioche, eclairs, and other pastries. They recently acquired Decadent Designs Bakery, a bakery known for its authentic American-style cakes. La Renaissance is happy to continue Decadent Designs' tradition of creating custom, made-from-scratch layer cakes, wedding cakes, and birthday cakes for their customers.

At their café, they pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients to make their homemade sweets to the highest standards. The menu includes a variety of cakes, pastries, savory items, chocolates, and macarons for you to enjoy. You can grab a treat as you explore or relax in our quaint outdoor café, which is located between historic sandstone walls.


The desserts are made with healthy ingredients that not only satisfy your sweet cravings but nourish your body. They use organic ingredients and roast all of the nuts to enhance vitamin absorption. The desserts are gooey, chewy, and mouthwatering, and you can see all of the ingredients used. They are delicious and nutritious treats that are good for the body and soul. They are also a great option for family gatherings, birthdays, holiday parties, or office events. The cakes and other baked goods are handmade and 100% vegan. They are perfect for birthdays, events, and celebrations. The raw slices are vegan, raw, and paleo-friendly, and our baked products are fresh, vegan, and gluten-free. The products are available for pickup at various locations and they also offer wholesale, contract manufacture, and white-label options.


Gelatissimo Darling Quarter is the perfect place to indulge in your favorite gelato and shakes in Sydney. Located at Darling Quarter, this relaxed chain serves classic and creative ice cream flavors made with fresh ingredients and no synthetic flavors or colors. The gelato is freshly made in the store each day and is known for being the creamiest and tastiest you'll ever taste, with no artificial colors or flavors.

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